When will we, will we be safe?

We now occupy a comfortable position with two to play. We’re one point away from mathematical survival, and promotion is not possible. There is no reason to worry given real world scores in all the remaining matches. Two lovely wins in out last 2 matches would be nice :o)

This week DUNBAR and WEST CALDER have both lost, BORDERERS lost a close one while PEEBLES won (against WC). Nothing fundamental has changed but these are obviously good results from our point of view.

Remaining matches (we have 12 points and currently lie 6th of 11), teams below us in capitals.

04 Mar: BORDERERS (11) v WEST CALDER (6)

11 Mar: BORDERERS (11) v Rats (12)
11 Mar: DUNBAR (4) v Marmion (14)

18 Mar: Colinton Castle (20) v Rats (12)
18 Mar: DUNFERMLINE (6) v Marmion (14)

25 Mar: WEST CALDER (6) v DUNBAR (9)
26 Mar: DUNFERMLINE (6) v PEEBLES (10)

01 Apr: Athenians (16) v Marmion (14)