Defeat for West Calder secures safety for Rats

A win for Borderers over West Calder last night has secured our status in Division 3 for next season.

Rats: 2 to play, 12 points (max 18)
Peebles: 1 to play, 10 points (max 13)*
Dunbar: 2 to play, 9 points (max 15)
Dunfermline: 2 to play, 6 points (max 12)*
West Calder: 1 to play, 6 points (max 9)

With Peebles still to play Dunfermline it is impossible for both to move ahead of us in the rankings, while West Calder’s defeat guarantees we will finish ahead of them. Our AMP tally has meant we were comfortable anyway, but now it is mathematically sure.


Our last two matches are in Carfraemill on Weds 11 March, and Colinton Castle at the Braid Hills Hotel on Weds 18 March.