RAT DIARY 2019-20

1. Dunfermline A (Melville) Home Match on Wednesday 25 September

2. Scramblers (Melville) Away Match on Tuesday 22 October

3. Gosford (Longniddry Church Hall) Away Match on Wednesday 4 December

4. Pentland (Melville) Away Match on Wednesday 8 January

5. Marmion B (Carlton) Home Match on Monday 27 January

6. Waverley (Carlton) Home Match on Monday 3 February

7. Falcon (Melville) Away Match on Wednesday 5 February

8. Renaissance (Melville) Away Match on Monday 24 February

9. Livingston (Melville) Home Match on Monday 16 March

10. Pied Pipers (Melville) Away Match on Wednesday 25 March


Bye into 2nd round, where we face an Away Match at either Linlithgow or Colinton Castle presumably in November.  Oh well, at least we get a +2000 handicap!  The slightly bad news is that as last team drawn out of the hat we will be the Away team in every single match all the way to the final.