Another disappointment

Athenians 11,100 Rats 9,200

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Falcon match report

Falcon 11860 Rats 9910

Another defeat sadly,

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Pipped by Peebles

OK rubbish headline I admit.

Peebles 11710 Rats 10820 ….

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Rats winners over West Calder

Now that both teams have double checked the score cards, the final result can be confirmed:

Rats 14320 West Calder 13490, which translates as a full WIN (our first points ever in Division Three!), with a 2.98% margin just holding us to +3 AMPs

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Worth a quick reminder to please please check your addition and make sure the opposition do as well, saves a load of hassle later!

Onwards! Upwards! A trip to Peebles on Monday 3rd November is next for the happy Rats.


Rats lose out in cup

Carlton Camden 17630 (includes the 1200 handicap) Rats 15540

OK here we go:

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Division 3 Redux

Here is our shiny new fixture list:

1. Wednesday 1 October – Carlton Camden (away, Carlton) MacLaren Cup First Round
2. Wednesday 8 October – West Calder (home, Melville)
3. Monday 3 November – Peebles (away, Peebles Tontine Hotel)
4. Tuesday 11 November – Falcon (away, Melville)
5. Wednesday 3 December – Athenians (away, Melville)
6. Wednesday 10 December – Dunbar (away, West Barns)

Festive Break

7. Monday 12 January – Marmion “B” (away, North Berwick)
8. Wednesday 28 January – Gosford (home, Melville)
9. Thursday 12 February – Dunfermline “B” (home, Carlton)
10. Wednesday 11 March – Borderers (Carfraemill)
11. Wednesday 18 March – Colinton Castle (away, Braid Hills Hotel).

We have also accepted a challenge match with Pied Pipers on Thursday 2 October. We might need to top up the team with some guest stars (?) but let’s see how we get on.


Oh well (parts 1 & 2)

Dust just about settled. Rat Meal to arrange – May?

Looking ahead to next season’s renewed efforts, Division 4 travel at least looks favourable. Provisionally (based on apparent ups and down) we will have:

Carfraemill – Brave Knaves

Longniddry – Longniddry Bees

Edinburgh – Randolph, Marmion “A”, Orion, Carlton Camden, Gullane, Athenians, Comiston, Colinton Castle.

So that’s a plus. Marmion and Gullane will both be expected to come to Edinburgh since we played both away this season.


Gullane Gubbed

Gullane 11290 Rats 16160

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A fine 10 AMP win out in East Lothian, BIG gains on boards 12 and 13 sealing it for us.


Camden Crushed by Cheerful Rats

More like it :o)

Rats 15310, Carlton Camden 11850, an 8 AMP gain.

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Longniddry match turns out to be a disappointment


Rats 10790, Longniddry Bees 11660, which is a 3.88% loss and nothing to put in our points bankie.

Stats are here, though the 2nd half makes grim reading….
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